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Values, Quality and Environmental Policy

We are committed to carrying out our business activities in accordance with the following principles:

Customer Focus
We shall be the solution provider of first choice in our selected markets. All of our decisions are taken with the customer in focus. Working in partnership, we aim to add value for our customers, as well as for ComFiber.


We shall perform better than our competitors. ¡°Performance¡± is not only about the results we achieve but how we achieve them through quality operations.

We promote an innovative culture and attitude. We think differently and strive to apply innovative thinking and creativity to everything we do. Innovation is a key driver for our growth.

We all share responsibility for our company as a whole and for its results. We have a social responsibility and we carefully protect the positive image of our company. We shall pay attention to the environmental impact of our actions. We are committed to operating and continuous improvement in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

ComFiber Communications Technology


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